Seasons are a new, exciting activity both for seasoned individuals and those who are just beginning their hunting adventure. Are you ready to face your opponents in a battle for valuable prizes?

All hunters and huntresses start a season with the Bronze Division. If they have already claimed the rewards for finishing the Rookie Division before, they will not receive these rewards again at the start of a new season.

During a season, hunters and hunters are expected to earn as many trophies as possible. Each season starts on Monday and lasts for one or two weeks – this can be checked in the right upper corner of the Duel Lobby.
On Sunday, a season ends and the trophies are counted. Based on your position in the division, rewards will be distributed accordingly.

Importantly, at the beginning of a new season, the numbers of players' trophies are reset and new values are determined based on the results from the previous season.

The best players will be rewarded not only within their Division, but will also receive Global Ranking rewards.
Taking high positions in the Country Ranking, on the other hand, does not give you any in-game rewards except of the glory and recognition among fellow players.

Sounds tempting? Then grab your rifles in hand and go hunting!