Guns are an integral part of Wild Hunt.
There are many variations of them with their strengths, weaknesses, and different statistics.
Weapons are divided by their types:
Hunting rifles – the basic type of weapon (slow reload)
Carbine rifles – fast reload
Shotguns – perfect for shooting birds
Bows – do not scare animals off
Crossbows – can be obtained only by collecting all weapon cards, don't scare animals off (slow reload)
Machineguns – can be obtained only by collecting all weapon cards, automatic fire, big magazine (fast reload)
Some weapons have a premium version having bigger clip capacities and faster reloads.
Better guns inflict extra damage and have better clip capacity which allowing players to shoot more.

In the gear panel, you can upgrade every weapon and its parts you own. Simply click/tap arrows to find the desired weapon. On the right side, there is a window with all weapon parts.
After clicking/tapping a weapon part, a panel will appear. It'll contain information about all stat changes made by an upgrade.