Commissions are special quests, active while hunting. By completing them, you can get amazing rewards. The quests may require shooting certain animals, animal types, aiming for vital organs, etc. Starting a commission consumes one energy point. For completing a commission, players will receive currencies and experience points.

Most hunting grounds will give players a chance to complete 3 commissions. Every 18 hours, players will receive a new set of commissions. All incomplete commissions will be overwritten.

After completing all commissions on a hunting ground, a special challenge will appear. It will consist of special rewards. After accepting a challenge, players will have a single, free attempt on completing it. If failed, they will be able to try again by paying a small sum of banknotes.

Completing a challenge will reward a player with a knowledge card.
After completing all commissions during a day, they will no longer be displayed on a hunting map screen.