In Wild Hunt, players can join or create a Hunting Club. Being in a club has many benefits, such as:

- Players can take part in exclusive events. Some of them have a special club ranking where all points are counted passively. Club members, who take part in an event, can earn extra rewards if their club is highly-ranked in the Leaderboard
- Players can communicate through a club chat
- A leader is allowed to set a message in the Club profile
- Players can receive special rewards for an activity once per 24 hours. The higher the activity, the better the rewards. Log in to the game regularly to get 100% activity. The activity cycle lasts 14 days.

To join one of the Hunting Clubs you need to open the Club window and use the search engine.
You can also create your club, just select the "Create a Club" icon, a new window will appear with all the club settings.