Anglers often enjoy the calmness and solitude of their hobby. It's an excellent way to spend some time with nature and your thoughts. However, in Fishing Clash we believe that good things are to be shared with like-minded enthusiasts!

If you value cooperation, community and wish to find some friends, join a Clan! Joining is simple. Go to the game's main screen, tap the Clan icon and select the Search Clan tab. In that main window, you'll see some Clans which are open and available to join. After tapping on their name, you'll be able to press the Join button to join it immediately or apply, if the Clan has such a restriction.

That's how you join a Clan and form new bonds with fellow anglers!

Just remember that you cannot join multiple Clans. To join a new Clan, you'll need to say farewell to your current Clan first. You also won't be able to join a Clan that's already at maximum capacity.

If you're an experienced angler or someone who doesn't wish to leave things to fate, select the Advanced Search option and you'll be able to select some search options to find a new community with the exact parameters you desire.

Finally, anglers who are very particular when it comes to their new Clan and what it may represent, may use the Super Advanced Option! This one, though, is not available in-game, but rather on our official Fishing Clash Community Group on Facebook. Find it here! The group has an active and vibrant community to help you find yourself a new Clan to join. Look for the announcements or make one yourself, it's up to you to decide!