Community and cooperation were always something that allowed humans to thrive, grow and flourish. This is no different for anglers experiencing the Fishing Clash adventure. Players may explore the richness that having a community offers through the Clan feature in-game. Communicating, sharing your victories and losses, helping other members of your Clan, and fighting through a great variety of challenges to obtain useful rewards, all of that is possible and have never been easier!

Joining a Clan offers several benefits:
• Allows Clan members to participate in various Clan Matches and other Events, one of which is the Clan Pack event. This Clan-exclusive activity makes anglers collectively earn points and the more they get, the better Clan Pack they'll win as a reward. The highest leveled Clan Pack may contain Legendary Lures! To take part in these Events and collect the rewards after they end, it's crucial to be a member of the Clan when they begin and not leave it throughout the Event's duration.
• Some Clan Events have a special ranking, where the Clan members can compete to earn top positions. These Clan ranking points are always counted regardless of the individual player's score. Please note that not all Events will have this ranking available.
• Since cooperation is key, anglers may ask for and donate Lures. This not only allows to complete certain tasks in Events, but also helps to build up a player's lure collection. These donations and limited based on the lure's rarity.
• Speaking to your fellow anglers becomes possible thanks to the Clan chat. During some in-game activities, such communication is necessary to determine the winning tactics and catch fish as a team! Clan chat is also the perfect space to share your victories in Duels so if you fought a particularly difficult one, consider lettings your Clan members know. Remember: it's not bragging! It's sharing happiness.

Every community needs to start somewhere, or rather with someone. If you wish to become the Leader of yours, create a Clan of your own! To do that, simply select the Clan icon on the left side of the main screen and select the Create Clan tab. You'll be able to name your Clan, select its avatar and add a description to let future members know what your community stands for. Additionally, leaders may select two possibilities, based on their preferences:
• Create an open Clan, where any angler may join immediately
• Set the Clan as invite-only, which allows you to choose if an angler is worthy of joining. Such join requests need to be accepted or declined manually.

During the Clan's creation, Clan Leaders may also set how many trophies an angler needs to have to join it. It's also possible to select your Clan's displayed country, if you wish to build a specific community.

Now, a world consisting of leaders only would lead us nowhere, so if you wish to join a Clan as a member, go to the main in-game screen. Through that:
1. Select the Search Clan tab. Here, you'll to see some Clans to join right away, but can also search for a Clan by its name.
2. After finding an interesting Clan to join, enter it by tapping on its name.
3. Press the Join button to either join the Clan immediately or apply to join it.

Be sure to note that when searching for a Clan, you'll have to type in its exact name. This means that capital letters, spaces, and special characters have to be the same as in the Clan's name you're looking for.

Further details on joining a Clan can be found here.

Regardless of your role in the Clan, it's always worth to join one for that good feeling of community, the additional activities that Clans provide and the great rewards that come after! The more, the merrier!