It's easy to lose track of time when you're having fun or when life suddenly becomes demanding. In Fishing Clash Clan members are able to see if any of their friends are currently online or for how long some of them have been away. Since cooperation is key, such details are useful for regular members and leaders alike.

After selecting the "i" icon in the Clan menu, anglers will see the basic details regarding their Clan and the list of members. Near the bottom corner of each member's avatar, they may notice one of four dots, each representing how long ago the angler played Fishing Clash.

Green – the player is currently online, it's best to talk Clan Match strategy or weekend plans then.
Yellow – this angler was logged in more than 30 minutes ago.
Orange – it means this angler last entered the game 3-7 days ago.
Red – the player was inactive for more than 7 days and probably misses you all.