Although sheer will and admiration towards aquatic life go a long way for every angler, there is no fishing without a proper rod! In Fishing Clash, rods can be accessed through the GEAR button on the main screen. Rods allow players to boost their chances and stats while fishing.

Rods have a starting level of 1 and can be upgraded to level 7. Each one is assigned to a specific fishery and can be only used there. Additionally, each rod has basic stats and perks which affect its performance during fishing sessions.

So, if you feel there is potential in an obtained rod, try upgrading it even further! Also, remember, you don't need to stop there! Stronger rods have slots for additional bonuses, so it is recommended to explore these to further increase your fishing power and angling abilities with such rods.

All rod perks and bonuses can be redrawn by pressing the DRAW button. Players can choose which value will be redrawn. This costs five pearls. It is not guaranteed that the drawn value will be better. In such cases, the higher bonus value will remain attached to the rod.