Catching fish in Fishing Clash is as easy as it gets! When you begin your fishing adventure, you’ll start at the Florida Coast, where all the necessary gear awaits your first cast!

To catch a fish, simply hit the CAST button on the main screen. Once your lure hits the water, the fish will bite instantly, and you’ll need to reel it in! Depending on your preference, this can be done with either of two available in-game modes:

★ The Button Way – once your fish bites, hit the HOOK button to start reeling it in! The fish will fight, so press or hold the REEL IN button, while watching the line’s tension bar at the top! Your fish can get away if the tension becomes too low or too high! Keep pressing or holding the button accordingly, to ensure the line is perfectly adjusted until you reel in your catch!

★ The Slider Technique – when the fish bites, move the Slider from its starting point. To successfully reel in your catch, you’ll need to move the Slider up and down to ensure the line’s tension remains as close as possible to the center shown at the top. This technique doesn’t require you to hit the button constantly: you just need to touch and hold it. However, it does need a steady hand and precision while moving the Slider up and down!

If you wish to change the game mode you use to catch fish, you can do so in the Settings! Settings can be found at the top right corner of the game’s main screen. There, you can choose your preferred way of fishing: the Button or the Slider!

Regardless of your favorite fishing method, you’re able to build your Combo when reeling a fish in. The Combo value increases when you manage to keep your line’s tension perfectly in the middle of the bar at the top. The higher the Combo %, the more additional points you’ll get for your catch!

Once your fish is caught, you will see how big it is, and how many points and Stars you’ve been awarded! You will also see the number of Coins earned for your catch. Congratulations on your first catch, Angler!