The Grand Clan Challenges (also known as Clan Challenges) are a particular example of a regular Challenge, but with some slight differences.

The Grand Clan Challenges always take place during Clan Matches and they gather anglers from Clans who are actively competing in the Clan Match events. Unlike regular Challenges, the Clan Challenges do not have time frames and last almost a full day, so Clan members from different parts of the globe may contribute to their end results.

An angler enters the Grand Clan Challenge automatically alongside their clanmates and players from the opposing Clans at the very beginning of these Challenges.

It's worth noting that the Grand Clan Challenges may not allow all anglers to take an active part in them, depending on the fishery the Challenge takes place at. Some friendly Clans allow lower-leveled anglers to join them and grow together. In such cases, those anglers may not be able to help out.