Are you happy with your current lure collection and want to try it out? In the Fishing Battle, you’ll have a chance to prove yourself (and your skills!) against seven other anglers to find out who wields their rod the best!

The Fishing Battle in Fishing Clash is a quick competition for 8 anglers which is divided into several rounds. In each round, players fight to catch the biggest fish of the required species and must do so before their time runs out. The time of these rounds may vary, but they usually last about a minute each.

At the end of each round, the lowest-scoring players are removed from the competition. The remaining anglers advance to the next round. The final round is usually played between the two anglers who managed to catch the biggest fish in the previous rounds. The player who manages to catch the biggest fish in the final round wins the Battle.

The Fishing Battle is available only during specific Events. Typically, these Events will have a set of tasks connected with players’ performance in the Fishing Battle competition. Rewards for winning the battle depend on players’ levels and the accompanying Event.