We all answer to someone, and so do the fish in Fishing Clash! Although it’s a rare sight, anglers throughout the world may encounter Boss fish on different fisheries.

You can catch them with any lure you have, but it will not be an easy task! The game will let you know once a Boss fish becomes hooked, so that you may prepare for a challenge.

These fish will always be gigantic and catching them will grant you some extra Coins and the possibility to upgrade your basic lure for that fishery. Remember to show these fish who’s the real Boss!
Please also note that due to the unique nature of the Boss fish type and that it remains the most difficult one to catch in Fishing Clash, our developers decided that these fish will not be considered for any tasks in the game. We don’t want to give any players an advantage if they haven’t fought these fish just yet.

Please remember, however, that catching these fish will always grant you some extra Coins and allow you to upgrade the basic lure for the particular fishery, so it’s always worth it to fight a Boss!