The Skill Tree function helps anglers to learn and develop new skills that are useful in fishing. Each fishery in Fishing Clash has its own unique Skill Tree and all of them can be developed separately. To find them, select GEAR from your main screen and then click the SKILLS tab in the upper right section of the screen.

To progress and reach the later Skills, you first need to upgrade the Skills directly above them at least once.

In order to upgrade a Skill, you need a specific number of Skill Tokens in your inventory. You will see a + symbol next to the upgradeable Skills – those that can be unlocked with the tokens you currently have. You may check their current number in the Skill Tree window: these are visible near the right bottom corner of the screen. The + icon next to that number sends you directly to the in-game shop where you can buy more. Please note that not all Skill Tree Tokens are available in the Shop all the time. The available selection of Tokens rotates to allow players to purchase them when they might be needed during specific competitions held on different fisheries. These can be bought using Coins or Pearls.

Additionally, anglers are able to buy the Token Packs for random fisheries from among those they have unlocked. These packs have a set number of Skill Tokens available in them and specify how many fisheries their total number will be divided among. Such Packs are waiting to be purchased in the Shop. The Skill Tokens, either for specific fisheries or in the form of Packs, are also available as rewards in some Events. Therefore, always check the rewards for specific thresholds in the events; maybe the Tokens you need are waiting there to be grabbed!

Among all the different available skills, you will find:

• an % increase in the number of Coins for catching fish at the specific fishery,

• additional % to Luck, improving the chances of catching bigger fish,

• an increase in the Sonar precision on that fishery,

• a greater chance to get an Instant Catch on the selected fishery,

• an increase to the Instant Catch limit,

• additional % to the Combo Bonus – increases the percent value of the combo, • an increased chance of filling the Combo bar instantly,

• additional % to the number of received Skill Tokens.

Additionally, there are certain Skills improving the weight % of fish caught on the selected fishery. The main ones increase the weight of fish in specific rarities:

• Common fish

• Rare fish

• Epic fish

• Mythical fish

• Legendary fish

Once any of these main Skills become unlocked, anglers may decide to further upgrade the weight % for that selected rarity – this time for specific fish within that rarity. Here, the weight of any fish may be increased, allowing anglers to decide which upgrade they currently need the most!