Anglers are known for their patience, dedication, and skill: abilities necessary to fight the mighty waters and emerge victorious against a glorious fish at the end of the line. But who’s to say you can’t add thriftiness into the mix of skills?

With the introduction of Coupons in Fishing Clash, every angler is now able to fish out a chest filled with savings! No scissors needed!

What are Coupons? Coupons, a concept originating from the USA, are an excellent way to make a great bargain and save some money during your angling adventures! They allow you to get more goods for the same price, effectively reducing the cost of your purchases.

How to obtain a Coupon? Coupons in Fishing Clash appear periodically, so be sure to just wait for the next one to show up! You will see a notification in your Profile that there’s one waiting for you when it appears.

Where do I find my Coupons? Coupons are located in the “Inbox” section after clicking your Profile from the main screen. Just tap your avatar in the top left-corner and select the “Inbox” from there. You will find the “Coupons” section here to manage your currently available Coupons.

How many Coupons can I use at the same time? Do their bonuses combine? Although it is possible to have a few Coupons available in your inventory, you can use only one at a time. This means that once you activate your Coupon, be sure to use it in the shop before using the next one. It is possible to replace the currently active Coupon if you wish to use a different one, but please note the replaced Coupon will disappear from your Coupon collection. It’s best to carefully consider which one you want to use first! Also, the Coupon bonus will be added on top of any available bonuses you have from other sources, like the VIP Bonuses. The more bonuses you have, the more value you get!

How long can I save my Coupons for? Do they expire? Yes, the Coupons in Fishing Clash expire in time and their usage is also time-limited. You will see a timer next to the available or activated Coupons. Be sure to use your Coupons before they expire and disappear from your Coupon collection!

How will I know I have an active Coupon?You may check your active Coupons in the “Coupon” section of your Inbox. Additionally, the in-game shop will indicate which products are getting Coupon bonuses applied to them. Remember: your Coupon works only once after activating it, so consider what is the best value for your money with that Coupon!

Do Coupons reduce the prices of my purchases?
No, the Coupons in Fishing Clash work a little differently than the ones you’ll find in the world outside your angling adventure. The prices stay the same as they normally would, but instead you get more resources when making your purchase! With this in mind, remember: Coupons offer you the freedom of choice, which offer you’ll select them for. Since the Coupon bonuses work as percentages, the bigger offer you buy, the more additional resources you get. And the more you save this way!

What types of Coupons can I find? Do I only get them for buying Pearls?
No, the available Coupons are not just for Pearl purchases! You’ll come across many different Coupons, and in time, new ones might appear! Besides the Coupons which increase the number of Pearls you receive with your purchase, you’ll also find ones giving you more Power-Ups or other resources. Remember, however, that a Coupon works for a single purchase, and buying items in bulk with an active Coupon won’t be possible!

I have a Coupon and my friend doesn’t have one. Can I give them mine? What a great idea and so thoughtful! It is possible that not all players in-game will get a Coupon at the same time, however, it is not possible to trade them. Be sure to keep in mind various in-game differences when taking a look at Coupons. Since these items are time-limited, Fishing Clash developers need to factor in many little things when making them available to our anglers. But don’t worry! Every angler will get their opportunity to save money with the use of Coupons!