Fishing Clash anglers may expect to receive their well-deserved rewards after the relevant competition ends. This is the case for Championship rewards, Ranking rewards, and some Events.

If some time has passed, please be sure to check your in-game inventory and double-check if the reward in question has already been claimed, and its animation skipped. If your Coin, Lure, Power-Up, or Pearl balance hasn’t changed, please reach out to our Support team! They will be able to check your account and make sure nothing is amiss, but any help you can provide us with will be of great assistance.

Please take a screenshot of the competition in question, such as the Championship window, and attach it to your message if possible. Any additional details, such as the time when the competition began and ended or the score of your biggest fish, will quicken the verification process performed by the Support team.

Anglers may reach out to the Support team directly through the game. You can find instructions on how to do that here. Alternatively, please use the online help request form.