Skillful anglers may always count on their reflexes and patience while catching fish. However, when it comes to increasing the lure strength, sometimes tactics are required. Should you save your resources or just upgrade a lure whenever possible?

It always depends on you, but the guide below will explain what to expect when making lure upgrades in Fishing Clash. When obtaining a specific lure, its available points will be shown in that fish card as a total. So, let's say you've acquired 5 lures towards a specific fish: When viewing that fish and before upgrading it, the lure points will be visible as 5/2, where 2 is the number of points needed to level it up.

An upgrade will consume the required number of lure points, so the end result will be visible as 3/4. The first number shows the lure points currently accumulated, and the latter number displays how many lures you need in order to upgrade it further. Easy enough, right? Now, a quick reminder of how it all works. Anglers get new lures from packs.

Upgrading lures will increase the ability to catch fish of greater sizes, but will also provide some experience to level up your account and travel the world to visit new fisheries. In this fishing adventure, it's all connected, so never hesitate to embark on another angling trip! Who knows what awaits you there!