If one big fish is not enough for you, how about a little rivalry? Still not enough? Then try to maintain a winning streak for the best rewards in the Grand Tournament!
The Grand Tournament feature allows anglers to compete in a dynamic series of skirmishes with other players around the world – great rewards await those who emerge victorious!
But since all things Grand need rules, so does the Tournament:
• The Grand Tournament appears periodically in Fishing Clash.
• Anglers start the competition with a certain number of “lives” (hearts) and each skirmish lost results in one life lost. Lives, however, can be replenished by using Pearls.
• Players can’t compete further in the Grand Tournament after losing all their lives unless they decide to replenish them.
• Fish to be caught in skirmishes are selected automatically for the participants (they don’t get to choose them individually).
• The number of fish species to be caught in skirmishes ranges from 1 to 3.
• The duration of a skirmish is different to that of a classic Duel.
• Anglers are level-matched.
• Players get rewards after each skirmish won.
• To get the main rewards, a player needs to win a set number of skirmishes.
As the Fishing Clash community grows, so do the skills of our anglers! Please note that the Grand Tournament feature may not be available for all players at the same time due to differences in levels, available Events and other similar reasons. The Tournament wouldn’t be as Grand if it lasted forever!