Fishing Clash offers many interesting activities for new and seasoned anglers alike, from free fishing in beautiful locations, through exciting and diverse Events, to different Clan features for players to enjoy group efforts and amazing rewards.

Although there is always plenty to choose from, some of the primary competitive activities in-game are Duels. These quick competitions are great to get the blood pumping when fighting a timed match against an angler from anywhere in the world, so it's always a chance to make new friends! Or perhaps new arch-enemies? After all, every hero needs one!

Duels are quick, exciting, and engaging, and will always take place at a random fishery both anglers have access to. Once a Duel begins, both anglers select one fish they will compete for from three random ones. Pro-Tip: it's usually a good idea to select either the rarest lure you have access to or the one which you have best leveled-up. This will give you some advantage over your opponent and may help you to win!

When one of the players Dueling selects a lure the other doesn't have unlocked, it will make things more difficult for their opponent, but it won't make victory impossible. When entering a Duel without a specific lure available, the main fishery lure becomes active, so it gives anglers a fighting chance.

Once the Duel begins, it's crucial to act quickly, as these matches are timed. When the counter reaches zero, it's win or lose, as this is the moment when the Duel ends.

During the Duel itself, anglers have the ability to quickly swap between the previously selected lures by tapping them. This option is visible just above the casting button. Additionally, forgetful anglers may upgrade their lures directly from the Duel screen, if they have some upgrades still available. After all, it's never too late to increase your chances of victory!

When Dueling, only the best fish scores are kept, and these replace the lower ones. The angler that finishes with more total points for both fish when the Duel ends, wins.

Finally, anglers may exchange emotes and short messages when Dueling. These don't affect the Duel outcome in any way, but kind sportsmanship is always appreciated, so don't hesitate to wish your opponent "good luck" or appreciate the amazing fish they just managed to catch. After all, it's possible you just witnessed a world record!

So, have as much fun possible with Duels, climb the ranking during each season to grab some amazing prizes and just maybe you'll become a Legendary Duelist!