Pearls are one of the available currencies in Fishing Clash, but they're no ordinary currency!

You can get Pearls from packs, achievements, and the in-game shop. You may also earn Pearls through specific Events, completing your Fish Collections, by leveling up and sometimes as unique prizes while trying your luck at the Wheel Of Fortune.

Pearls in Fishing Clash allow access to some exclusive features, such as redrawing rod stats and drawing license bonuses. They can even buy you another chance to catch a specific fish after the line breaks! Using Pearls, you may buy Packs, Power-Ups, or Skill Tree Tokens in the Shop and spin the Wheel Of Fortune for some amazing rewards. These shiny items are always worth your while, and you will definitely appreciate their value during your fishing adventure!

If you purchased some Pearls and never received them, click here for the iOS article regarding such a situation and here for the Android article.