Once you understand how Duels are constructed you'll be able to enjoy this competitive format to the fullest. Remember to climb the rankings and don't forget that seasons last two weeks, and just maybe you'll become a Fishing Clash Legend thanks to the Duel feature!

Although Duels are an excellent leisure activity when not taking part in various Events the game has to offer, what would they be without some useful rewards for any angler who dares try their hand?

Fishing Clash's primary competitive features, Duels, allow players to collect a few things once they emerge victorious:

- Trophies(points in the ranking)

- Duel Packs

- Hook Pack Tokens (1 for finishing a Duel with one fish higher than your opponent, 2 for winning a Duel with one better fish score than your opponent, or 3 for anglers that win with two fish of greater sizes)

- Clan pack hooks – only available after joining a Clan and when the Clan Pack event is active

- Coins– but only within your current cap, which at the beginning of the game is for the first 15 Duels won daily. Remember: this counter resets each day and it is possible to increase it!

Anglers are able to immediately open their current Hook Pack after collecting enough Hook Pack Tokens, however, these have a limited number of uses each day. After using them up, a timer will appear to indicate when it's time to collect and open more.

The Duel Packs offer a more varied selection of contents. Anglers are able to store up to four of these packs and decide which one to open first. The better rewards inside a pack, the longer it takes to open, but this can be sped up with a few Pearls. There are a few packs to obtain here, depending on your luck and place in the ranking:

- Small Pack of Rods

- Blue Pack of Lures

- Orange Pack of Lures

- Gold Pack of Lures

- Black Pack of Lures

- Silver Pack of Lures

- Huge Pack of Rods

- Large Pack of Rods

Anglers should also note that the rewards connected with their Duel Ranks vary, depending on the position at which they finished the Duel season. The higher the ranking, the more Coins you obtain, and the more Lures you find in the packs.