Winning duels gives you:

- Ranking points (cups)
- Hook pack tokens (1 for winning a duel, 2 for catching one bigger fish, 3 for catching both bigger fish)
- Duel pack
- Clan pack hooks – only when you are in a clan and a Clan Pack event is active
- Coins, only the 15 first duels won, will award you with coins. The counter resets each day. You will find more info on coins here

Rewards are based on your duel rank. The higher your rank, the more coins and lures from packs for you.
There are 5 different packs you can win. Each time you'll get one:

- common pack
- normal pack
- bronze pack
- silver pack
- gold pack

The better the pack, the more lures it contains.

Packs are randomly picked after you've won a duel with a lower chance for any further rarity.
The number below each pack describes how many lures you'll find in that pack. Please note that you may get the same lure multiple times.