Members of fishing communities, i.e. Clans, may enjoy various activities in Fishing Clash, including competing against other Clans to get amazing rewards and earn some prestige. Such activities are called Clan Matches. During them, anglers may also participate in the Grand Clan Challenges for some further fun and engagement.
All anglers within a specific Clan will enjoy the very same Match, and that competition will contain the same set of tasks for everyone involved. The tasks are to be completed collectively by all Clan members, so cooperation is key. Be sure to communicate in the chat for the best result and to obtain the best rewards!
Similar to regular Events, the goal of Clan Matches is to earn as many points as possible by completing the tasks listed in the competition. Everyone's contributions to the Match will be indicated in its summary, but if an angler isn't able to perform a specific task (for example, they don't have a particular fishery unlocked just yet), this will be indicated in that summary as well.
In the Clan Matches, there are no thresholds or rewards for reaching a specific milestone. The rewards are given to everyone from the Clan, and they are determined by the number of total points the Clan has acquired with their collective efforts.
Be sure to check your overall Clan's progress in the Clan Match window to see where to focus your attention or where to mobilize your friends from the Clan.
Attention developing Clans: please note that these Matches are available only when you have 3 or more members! Additionally, only anglers who already joined a Clan when the Match started are able to participate. Once the Match is ongoing and you join the Clan, you won't be able to help. Don't worry, though, there's always the next one!
It's also important to note that leaving a Clan when such Matches take place isn't the best idea, if you wish to participate in them. Once an angler leaves a Clan when the Match is ongoing, their points will count towards the total, but such players won't get the rewards the active Clan members receive later on.
The only question that remains is: how are Clans combined to take part in these Clan Matches?
Each Clan is assigned to a specific League, where Clans of similar strength are gathered together to compete against one another. During each season of Clan Matches, Clans will collect Table Points to indicate their progress within the League. Clans which perform best become promoted to the next higher League and those that end up in the bottom when the season ends are relegated to the lower League, where they will try their abilities with different Clans.
Below, curious and ambitious anglers may check the current League's setup. There are 20 Leagues to compete in:
• Beginner • Bronze 1 • Bronze 2 • Bronze 3 • Silver 1 • Silver 2 • Silver 3 • Gold 1 • Gold 2 • Gold 3 • Platinum 1 • Platinum 2 • Platinum 3 • Diamond 1 • Diamond 2 • Diamond 3 • Pearl 1 • Pearl 2 • Pearl 3 • Obsidian
So, mobilize the members of your Clan to win Clan Matches, climb the Clan Leagues by earning Table Points, have fun, and remember one last crucial detail in the spirit of Clans: cooperation and enjoyment. The more, the merrier!