Anglers, rejoice! Fishing Clash is stepping up the Clan Match game with the introduction of seasonal competitions. Clan members will be able to experience enhanced gameplay as well as smooth and fair matching, and collect amazing rewards thanks to the Season system. Sound good? Oh, the Clash is now better than ever! So, let’s dive deep into the most important questions and their answers!

What are these “Seasons”? Clan Match Seasons are a way to group Clans together for a certain time period, at the end of which they all are rewarded for their efforts and may go back to fighting for glory and better prizes.

How long does a Season last and what happens during this time? Initially, the Season system will make Clans fight with each other for a period of seven days. Each day, a new Clan Match will take place, so that all the Clans in the League will be able to test their fishing skills against each other. Once the Season comes to an end, the scores are tallied up, the rewards are added, and the Clans advance to future competitions. However, please note that the duration of Seasons may change in the future, as the Fishing Clash team will be examining how well the setup works for our anglers, their engagement and gameplay enjoyment. Regardless of the Season’s duration, it’s worth taking part in Clan Match competitions. If not for the fun of it, then just for the goodies!

So, what is a League, then? If Seasons are “when,” then Leagues are “who.” Leagues are groups of specific Clans which will compete in Clan Matches during the Season’s duration. Clans will collect League Points at the end of the Season, which will allow them to climb the ladder to fight other victorious Clans from their respective League. The higher the League, the better the prizes! Of course, if a Clan slips up and doesn’t do well during a specific Season, they may drop to a lower League. Still, it’s not the end of the world if that happens. It’s just taking a breather to try again next time!

How many Leagues are there? There are 16 Leagues in total, starting from the Silver 1 League and ending with the highest one: the Obsidian League. All Leagues, except for the Obsidian League, have 3 tiers each. The available Leagues are as follows: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, and Obsidian.

Do all Clans start from the Silver League? No, they don’t, as it would make it difficult for everyone to have fun and enjoy the new Clan Match format. After the Seasons are introduced, Clans will get divided based on their current total Prestige Points collected in Clan Matches in the past.

Do Clans still collect Prestige Points? Prestige Points are becoming a thing of the past – a legacy system which will not matter in Clan Match Seasons. Instead, victorious Clans receive League Points used for promotions to higher Leagues. The difference is that League Points and not collected, but rather allotted when a specific Season ends, to determine which Clan is climbing the League ladder.

Are there any benefits to being promoted to higher Leagues? Well, of course! Clans in higher Leagues receive better prizes for their efforts! The competition does get more fierce, sure, but it’s definitely worth it!

I have a friend who’s in a different Clan, can I check their current rank? As of this moment, there’s no way to see a global Clan ranking or take a peek at where exactly a specific Clan in the League system is. Still, there’s no shame in asking your friend! Perhaps one day the two Clans will meet in the same League! Hopefully, no friendships will be put at risk if it comes to that! :)

What happens if I leave my Clan during a Season and join another one? We don’t recommend changing Clans just for the sake of going on a trip! It’s best to stick with your original Clan to support its efforts during the entire Season. Leaving not only hinders your Clan’s ability to do well in each Match, but it may also affect the rewards you get!