Sharing abundant supplies has always been a foundation for various communities, thereby allowing them to flourish and prosper. The angling enthusiast community of Fishing Clash may also prove their generosity with the Lure donation feature and thus grow together.

This friendly feature is only available after joining a Clan and has a few restrictions:• Anglers may only request the lures they already own, so it's best to take advantage of this option when getting closer to the next lure's level• It's only possible to request Common, Rare and Epic rarity lures. The time constraint before asking for a new donation is 4 hours

Additionally, the rarer the requested fish, the fewer lures for that species an angler may receive. After all, rare things come at a cost!

The angler who donates one of their lures to the requesting Clan member will earn not only their everlasting gratitude, but also some experience and Coins afterwards.

The donation request feature is visible near the bottom-left side of the Clan's screen and is represented by a lure card icon. When such help is needed, all Clan members will see it in their chat and can make their generous donations there.