It is said there are plenty of fish in the sea. Many of them are quite ordinary, some pretty unique, and a few are shrouded in mystery or even appear only in folklore and legends. The developers of Fishing Clash aim to present them all, in all their beauty, for anglers to find and catch through various casual or competitive means. While attempting to represent the complexity of marine life, we illustrate the lures available in-game in different colors:

• Gray: Common – these fish can be upgraded up to level 12

• Blue: Rare – these can be upgraded up to level 11

• Green: Epic – these fish can be upgraded up to level 9

• Purple: Mythical – these can be upgraded up to level 8

• Gold: Legendary – currently the rarest fish in the game.

These fish can be upgraded up to level 6. The rarer the type of fish, the more Coins it costs to level up its lure. Accordingly, the chances of finding them in lure packs also differs. Skilled and patient anglers who have upgraded specific lures to their maximum level may sell the same type of lures and get some extra Coins, should they receive these from packs.

Besides the regular lures, anglers may come across two unique ones:

• Red: Special – these lures are time-limited, appearing occasionally, mostly during some Events.

• Multicolor: Mysterious – these lures can’t be upgraded, and the fish remains a mystery until you collect three of the same Mysterious Fish lures. After obtaining the first three lures, anglers unlock the possibility to catch the fish for a reward three times! Every single Mysterious Fish lure obtained later makes it possible to catch a Mysterious Fish once! Anglers can get a new Mysterious Fish lure with each opened Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Giant Pack. It’s always worth trying, as reeling in a Mysterious Fish guarantees a reward based on the size of the catch!