Good things take time, and excellence requires dedication. Step after step, drop after drop, and just like that, great things are brought to life. These are the truths known to every angler.

Now, anglers in Fishing Clash are able to take that knowledge to practice with Chained Offers: their latest link to the best deals around!

What are Chained Offers? Chained Offers are interconnected deals that offer the best in-game value: Pearls, Coins, Power-Ups, Lure Packs, you name it! Items necessary for every fishing adventure are becoming even more accessible thanks to this feature.

How does it work? Chained Offers allow anglers to get the best value when making subsequent purchases. Just see what's waiting for you and buy these goods out, one after another!

I just want to get the second offer in the Chain. How can I do that? If something in the latest Chained Offer has caught your eye, first you'll need to get the first offer before heading to the next one. These deals are linked, so be sure to start from the beginning and work your way from there!

Someone from my Clan told me they've got free items from the Chained Offer! Is that possible? Yes! Some of these bountiful offers come at no cost and allow snatching some goodies without spending anything at all! Remember, though, this special free-offer could appear at the beginning of the Chain or show up later on, so it's best to investigate the whole deal first! Also, please keep in mind in-game differences, sometimes you may find different offers than your friends from the Clan!

Are these deals permanent? The Chained Offers are here to stay, yes, but remember that a specific Chained Offer eventually expires! It's best to check them out when they're released. The top of the Chained Offer window will tell you how long these will stay for the taking.

When will the next Chained Offer appear? These offers have a way of showing up periodically and unannounced, so it's difficult to say! Please make sure to check the shop from time to time to see if another chain doesn't need your help in untangling!