Have you ever dreamt of having your own space in the world, a place perfect for your angling needs, that grows and expands along with you? Fishing Clash has found the perfect spot for you to build, grow, and enhance your abilities. Welcome to your Fishing Village!
The Fishing Village is a special mode within Fishing Clash allowing anglers to create and upgrade buildings, obtain materials, and earn resources to use during their fishing adventures. Free Power-Ups? Yes!
In the Fishing Village, each angler starts off fresh: with an empty lot and a head full of dreams! In time, as new buildings are created and upgraded, access to new and exciting options expands, allowing anglers to create new baits in order to catch unique Fish Variants and precious items such as Power-Ups!
Since good things come to those who wait, anglers will need to look after their Fishing Village and visit it from time to time to check out potential upgrades and collect materials. Not all upgrades and buildings are available right from the start, but they'll be worth the wait!
Understanding how your Fishing Village expands should be easy enough, but in time, curious anglers may wish to visit the FAQ sections listed below to maximize everything their Village has to offer and profit during fishing!
You can also watch a tutorial video to better understand everything your Fishing Village has to offer: