Fishing Clash's Duel feature is exciting, but in order for it to be fully enjoyable, occasional maintenance is required. As a result, Duels may be temporarily unavailable for a short period of time. When this happens, you won't be able to Duel as the matching button becomes grayed out. Additionally, a small text prompt will inform any anglers eager to take up their rods to Duel when this happens.

Duels also become blocked for a few minutes every two weeks, usually at the beginning of a week, to calculate the current Duel Season. This is also the moment when Legendary Trophies are converted and added to players' profiles. Here, Duels become disabled to add up scores to the current ranking and end it. This way, anglers may start fresh with their ranking scores in the new season.

So, when you notice Duels are not available, know they will be back shortly. Angling was always a hobby for the patient, so why not take a moment to consider your strategy, and go over your gear and lures in order to prepare for the next Duel, and, of course, win it!